At-Home Crafts You Can Turn Into Businesses

At-Home Crafts You Can Turn Into Businesses

Artisans, artists, and craftspeople all have a creative side, and this imaginative streak can be put to work making money through your unique talents. Whether you sell at local craft shows, travel a circuit of fairs, or sell online, you will find customers who value your work and talent. The following are four different crafts that you can use for extra income.

Knit and Crochet

Crafting with yarn with a pair of needles in knitting or with a single hook in crocheting, you can make a wide variety of projects to sell. Can cozies, coasters, coffee cup sleeves, and hot pads are all relatively small and quick projects to knit or crochet. Such accessories as scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, cowls, and ear warmers are popular gifts for the holidays. Knit socks may take longer to craft, but people prize hand-knit socks. Tiny crochet stuffed toys known as amigurumi are widely popular as well. And if you have a knack for creating patterns, you can sell these online, too. Just be sure to emphasize that you are offering a pattern and not the crafted item itself.

Homemade Candles

Most people enjoy at least one or two fragrances of candles. Some people revel in the abundance of scents available at a candle making supply store. Homemade candles are a thriving category of crafts that sell, whether your customers are former or the latter. You may use canning jars, molds that come in every shape and size or make your own molds. Candles are simple to make, requiring only a few components and a steady hand with which to pour melted wax.

Polymer Clay Projects

Ceramic sculptures and ornaments have an extremely long history of popularity. Polymer clay makes taking up the mantle of the sculptor much more convenient. These clays can be baked in a regular oven or a toaster oven. Because they bake at low temperatures, you can use armature, tinfoil, cardboard, or other components in the shaping of polymer clay sculptures. Air bubbles may be a nuisance if they arise in your finished work, but unlike in kiln-fired clays, they do not cause explosions. Try making figurines, jewelry, catch-all trays, and coasters to market and sell.

Too many crafts can be monetized to include in a brief list. Everything from woodworking to weaving, from embroidery to beadwork, can be made into a lucrative side business. Be wary of people persuading you to price things lower than your time and materials are worth, maintain a balance so that your pastime remains enjoyable, and exercise your imagination for a profit.