A Brief Analysis Of The Importance Of Education

A Brief Analysis Of The Importance Of Education

This is a competitive world and you would survive in the competition only if you are educated so as to survive the intense competition. It is true as one wise man said ‘without education man is a slave’. Martin Luthur King highlighted the essential elements of education by saying ‘Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education’. Perhaps these popular quotes are enough to highlight the importance of education. When you analyze these quotes perhaps you can find ten reasons which highlight the importance of education.

An Asset which never Depletes in Value

If you want to be successful in this competitive world, you should have self confidence. You will become self confident only when you have thorough knowledge of the tasks before you. Education is the foundation for that knowledge. Therefore education is an investment which gives you enough rewards sooner or later. It never lets you down.

Teaches you to be Organized 

Just imagine what you will do when your boss gives five different tasks to be completed within a specified time. You just organize the tasks and start working on it. In short, you try to manage the tasks with the time. You get this managerial skill by education.

A Brief Analysis Of The Importance Of Education

Learning is a Continuous Process

Take the example of a doctor. The doctor should be aware of new approaches being adopted to treat the ailments. He would learn this by continued reading of medical journals and by keeping in contact with various medical associations and other people in the field of medicines. So, this is again a process of learning.

A Dream Comes Through

Everyone will have a dream of his future. Some people want to build big houses, some may wish to go on extensive holiday tour; our wishes have no limit. That apart, you need to earn money to fulfil your dreams. To earn, you need quality education.

Secured Future 

The more you are educated, the more are your job opportunities. Your horizon of work gets widened. So, you feel secure; because you have the ability to take up different tasks.  Now, you know the value of education and you will be able to give proper education to your children and even give them home tuition. By this, even your children feel secure. Now, you are also happy because children have a bright future.

You will Take Matured Decisions

With education you are able to analyze the issues in right perspective. Therefore you will be able to take the right decision. You also learn to interact with people in the right direction and in turn, you also get respected. In short, your decisions will rarely go wrong.

Enhances your Self Confidence

With education, you become the master in the field. You become confident to face the situation. You will be able to come to the forefront ahead of others. You are able to take wise decisions. Your decisions will mesmerize other people and you become highly respected by other people in the group.

Wider Options

It is no wonder, every employer prefer well educated people to work in his firm. The higher the education, wider will be your employment opportunities. People will respect you and your views and suggestions are always regarded as highly valued.

Compare as an Equal

When a colleague of you says he holds a master’s degree, you must be able to say you also hold a master’s degree or at least an equivalent degree. Therefore, you should get yourself educated suitably so that you stand before others as an equal in terms of education.

Enhances Personality

If you are well educated, more people will interact with you. Because you are sufficiently educated, you also understand the other person’s point of view and you will have a meaningful exchange of ideas. In turn it enhances your personality.

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