5 Ways To Use Your Blog To Sell Your Products

5 Ways To Use Your Blog To Sell Your Products

When you’re running a small business, marketing is paramount. If no one knows about your products and services, they can’t purchase them. This is why it’s great to solidify a strong marketing system for consistent sales and profits. A great way to promote your business is through your blog. Give thought to the following five tips.

Create Tutorial-style posts

Tutorials are so helpful because they show your audience how to use your products perfectly. When your products provide a solution to a problem, show your potential customers the proof with a tutorial. You can opt to create a video tutorial to post on your blog. You can also opt to take pictures of the process to create a series of photographic content. If you’re selling hats for busy moms, create tutorials that show how versatile the hats are with different outfits.

Promote New Posts through Text Messages

Statistics show that Americans check their phones an average of 96 times a day. Remain in the view of your customer by investing in software that provides SMS solutions for small business. Each time you release a new blog post, share it through a text message. Granted, it’s important to be mindful of how often you send a text. You don’t want to become a brand that people ignore.

Use Search Engine Optimization

As you create blog posts, use search engine optimization tactics in order to rank high over the long haul. As you consistently produce quality content with the right keywords, search engines like Google will recognize your efforts with a better rank. Using keywords in the right places of your content will allow you to organically gain a strong stream of consistent traffic to your site.

Integrate Product Links

With every single post you create, never forget to redirect the reader to the shop section of your website, so that they can make their purchase. Include links to your products and services that you want them to post. Integrate the links within the body of the post as well as the end of the post.

Develop a Strong Email List

A blog is already an online portal. Knowing this, it’s essential to maintain a list of people who are interested in reading your online content. Create an opt-in incentive for people to join your email list. Once you have a new blog post, share it with the folks on your email list through an e-newsletter.

As you implement these strategies, take into account the systems that work the best. Then, as you track the data, you can put more emphasis on strengthening the systems that work for you. Before long, your company will have a streamlined marketing strategy that leads to consistent sales.