5 Last-Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Main

5 Last-Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Main

JEE is no less than a rat race. Yes, you will not find any shortcuts. If you want to be 100% thorough with your JEE Main 2020 preparation, you will have to take the road less travelled, which is a longer route.

The much-awaited engineering entrance exam, JEE Main is just around the corner. Still unsure about your preparation strategy to ace these last 20 days? Don’t let your exam anxieties get any closer. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some fantastic preparation tips that will help you make the most of this remaining time in hand.

  • Take baby steps

We understand that the JEE syllabus is as vast as an ocean. There’s a high possibility that you will get lost trying to cover up the entire syllabus in such a short period. Here’s the catch – don’t think about the small amount of time left, but set goals which are more modest and achievable. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race.

You will only get the last one week to revise. It is advisable to complete your significant chunk of the syllabus remaining in 20 days and keep the remaining days only for revision (2 days per subject).

  • Understand the difficulty level of every topic

If you have solved previous year JEE question papers, you will know that the difficulty level of questions in the JEE exam is easily predictable. These are evenly distributed into easy, moderate and hard. Keeping this in mind, your ideal study plan should be:

Study one hard and two moderate concepts daily


Study two moderate and one easy concept daily

The options mentioned above are your best bet to ace the JEE exam with little time left at hand. Mixing these options is advisable because you will not be able to stick to just one in this last month. Always remember to study the complicated topics in the morning itself because this way, you will be able to retain more.

  • Divide your chapters

This is the most critical step that will help you to crack the JEE Main 2020 exam. You should divide the chapters in every subject accordingly:

–           Ones you are 100% proficient in

–           Ones that require some brushing up

–           Ones that you are clueless about

Ideally, you should give 30% of your study time to chapters you have not brushed up yet and 25% each to the ones you are proficient or are clueless about.

  • Give many mock tests

Being thorough with your JEE Main preparation does not merely imply that you cover the whole syllabus. It is also about testing your abilities. Your last month of preparation should only be about giving as many mock tests possible and solving previous years JEE question papers.

The JEE exam is designed to test your aptitude, knowledge and problem-solving skills in a 3-hour window. There is a lot to do, but there is hardly any time left. Here your mock tests come to your rescue. It makes you acquainted with the question paper format and the types of questions asked. You can test your time management skills via these tests.

  • Stay away from distractions

Needless to say, but still social media can turn into your enemy in this last one month of preparation. Stay away. Be it social media or television, tell yourself that these things are secondary at the moment. You should be focusing solely on revising your syllabus and not scrolling through Instagram at this point.


Stop thinking and start doing. Know the time you have at hand and ensure that you utilise 100% of it. Always know that you’re a winner and you’re going to make it happen this time too.

All the best guys!