4 Work From Home Jobs You Can Set Up As A Student

4 Work From Home Jobs You Can Set Up As A Student

In these trying times when it is normally difficult to have a part-time job to aid with finances, there are a multitude of ways that a student can find work that would not interfere with school work. You could make a schedule that would fit in with your school hours, whether they are done on school premises or over the internet, and build up the business by doing things that are repetitive and require regular attention that would result in a gradual clientele becoming available. Some of the ideas that come to mind are the following.

Dog Walking

Line up a number of dogs in your area to take at once as that will multiply your earnings. Decide on whether it will be multiple times a day or week, the length of time involved for the walk, and determine a rate that will be fair to you and to your customer. Rates can vary depending on where you are located and the type of people you work for, so you will have to have a rate that will appeal to the dog owners.

Some areas actually have employment agencies that will pay you an hourly rate for you to do the dog walking that they are hired to do. You can check what their requirements are for someone like you who needs to be part-time and can be contacted at home to set up the schedules.

Make and/or Sell Ear Piercing Jewelry

You can also set up your own small jewelry service right from home! Piercing kits are available online, and you can sell jewelry alongside the piercing service that you offer. While ear piercing jewelry for people getting their first pierce should be professionally bought for the best metal content, the rest of the jewelry you sell can be homemade.


If you have a favorite subject or two, and if you consistently make good grades in it, you could make a fine tutor. Many students need that extra help, and there are many parents who can afford to pay for it and would really appreciate that service. You could do it through Zoom and the computer if you or the student prefers to take the necessary COVID-19 precautions.

Do House Cleaning

If your mother was the type who made you take part in the chores around the house, you can thank her for giving you those “talents.” There are homeowners, especially the elderly, all around your neighborhood who are too frail to do the heavy cleaning themselves and would welcome someone who would come in on a weekly or monthly basis and be paid an hourly rate to tackle that project and perhaps others that they cannot handle.

Think about something that you enjoy doing, are qualified to pursue, and put that to work to create your very own business.