4 Things Military Members Can Do For An Easier Transition When They Go Back to School

4 Things Military Members Can Do For An Easier Transition When They Go Back to School

A college education is quite obtainable for military members and veterans. Through the G.I. Bill, the military covers most, if not all, of your tuition. Many veterans and current military members are able to enroll as full-time college students. Still, it’s sometimes difficult to transfer from the armed forces into post-secondary education. Here are five things military members can do for an easier transition when they go back to school.

Develop a Plan for Success

While in the military you received directions in a heavily structured environment. Thus, the shift into the more relaxed atmosphere of a college is a bit jarring to some. To smooth things out, utilize your military training and develop a plan for success.

Set up a regular schedule of studying and test preparation. Set deadlines to complete course assignments. Additionally, include rest periods to decompress. As you learned during your time in the service, people encounter difficulties when tired.

Examine Different Ways to Learn

Perhaps going to school with thousands of other people is uncomfortable, especially since you’re probably older than most of them. Should this be the case, you can look for different ways to learn.

For instance, sign up for an online university for military members and veterans. You still end up with the same education as you would on-campus. However, it’s done from your home or another comfortable location. You’re also able to have a more flexible schedule. With online education, you can focus on learning and make it match your pace and needs.

Determine Your Interests and Goals

You’re a different person than you were before you joined the armed forces. Whether you were in battle or support staff, you learned a great deal while serving. Some of what you did likely planted seeds of interest that have grown.

Should this be the case, then you need to determine what they are. Something you absolutely thought was going to be your major before you went into the armed forces is now secondary to your new knowledge. Also, while you figure out your interests, look at your after-school goals to see if they match.

Get Help When Needed

While in the military you knew who to go to for assistance. However, this isn’t known as well while in school. Therefore, quickly determine the best people to talk to should issues arise. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these people when help is needed. It doesn’t show weakness in the military or the real world.

Getting a degree is difficult no matter where you go or what kind of degree you’re aiming for. However, it can be especially difficult to transition to college when you’re coming from a military background. You can use these tips to make your transition smoother and aid in your success.