4 Tech Jobs to Consider Going Into For Job Stability

4 Tech Jobs to Consider Going Into For Job Stability

As the economy changes, so does the job market. Positions that were once stable aren’t any longer. However, it isn’t completely doom and gloom. One of the areas that continues to grow is computer and information technology.

In fact, this industry is predicted to expand over 10 percent from now until 2029. For more info, here are 4 tech jobs to consider going into for job stability.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is projected to grow due to the way business will handle their technology. Whether it’s for sustainability or the switch to a remote workplace, companies won’t require an on-site IT department.

Instead, they’ll rely on managed IT services. In other words, they’ll outsource the maintenance and development of their technology to improve their operations. As a result, they’ll lower their expenses and have a pro-active group to keep them secure and productive.


The world of cybersecurity won’t be going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s needed more than ever. As data thieves and other black hats find new ways to disrupt daily activities, trained cybersecurity experts will always be required.

This covers all areas of the IT industry. Professionals are needed to monitor networks and quickly remediate issues to avoid excessive down times. SMEs are needed at the data end to protect or retrieve that information should someone breach the network and perform malicious activity.

Big Data Analyst

Big Data is big business. It takes the right tools to parse this large amount of information to produce the needed reports. While Apache Pig and Hadoop do this quickly, it takes an analyst to create the programs.

Actually, it takes a team of analysts to design a Big Data infrastructure. Once the initial work is done, they’ll have a series of templates to create additional reports and output when needed.

Cloud Architect

Similar in nature to Managed IT Services, a Cloud Architect helps businesses move away from maintaining their information within their own offices. Instead, a majority of their IT operations move to the cloud.

The architect in this situation maps out the best ways to maintain regular retrieval of the data with minimal downtime. They may also work with Big Data to set up necessary server clusters to hold and retrieve those large amounts of information.

Overall, tech jobs are not going away. If anything, they are going to grow dramatically in the future. Those looking for a challenging and secure job should seek classes and training on the fields mentioned above to maintain professional stability.