4 Simple Things You Can Do to Build Local Recognition For Your Real Estate Business

4 Simple Things You Can Do to Build Local Recognition For Your Real Estate Business

Selling real estate can be a lucrative and flexible career for many people, but it requires more initiative than a typical 9-5 job. Rather than just hitting 40 hours and then collecting a paycheck at the end of the month, income is instead directly tied to convincing buyers and sellers to trust someone who is essentially a stranger with what may be the biggest financial transaction of their lives. It can therefore take some creativity to get a new real estate business off the ground, but that extra effort can pay off with big returns.

Social Media Presence

Aspiring agents should not only post listings they are currently attempting to sell on social media. Also make sure to highlight past sales as well. Add a human touch by including some personal details. For example, you might mention that Bob just successfully sold his home of 30 years so he could retire by the ocean or that Alice bought her dream home with money she’s been saving for years. This will help to draw potential new clients in. You can add reviews from happy customers to your online profiles as well. Using multiple platforms will help to reach the widest audience possible, as each platform attracts a slightly different demographic.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Services

Using real estate agent marketing services ensures that there’s a team of professionals working behind the scenes to build positive brand recognition for growing real estate businesses. This is a job in and of itself, and being able to outsource it to a separate company simply frees up more time to focus on the actual work at hand. When looking for companies to work with, look at reviews from their past clients, like homes.com reviews.

Open Houses

Open houses aren’t just an opportunity to show and market a house. They can just as easily show off and market the agent showing that house. Potential buyers and sellers are thick on the ground at these events as are curious neighborhood locals who may become clients in the future. Some free cookies, a pile of business cards, and a friendly handshake can do more to rustle up new business than any number of billboards.

One-on-One Networking

Much like open houses, other forms of networking are crucial to building a successful business. Trade shows and industry events are a great place to meet fellow professionals. Additionally, lunches with previous clients and current mentors are useful tools. Rotary club meetings, door to door introductions, neighborhood council appearances are ways to get to know a community. Likwise, they allow the to know a new agent.

Ultimately, building success doesn’t require any complicated witchcraft. It’s about name recognition and a good reputation. Getting there simply takes time, hard work, and a little perseverance.