4 Precautions You Need to Take Before Becoming Any Kind Of Professional Driver

4 Precautions You Need to Take Before Becoming Any Kind Of Professional Driver

Being a professional driver is becoming a popular line of work. The transportation industry is one that has been going strong for centuries. The pay is typically excellent, and you get to get out of the office and explore the open road. However, before you decide to make the switch to a new career of professional driving, here are some precautions you should know about.

Know the Licensing Requirements

There are many different types of vehicles that professional drivers work in. Some are standard passenger vehicles, while others are semi-trucks. Each comes with its own licensing requirements. You’ll first want to decide on the size of the vehicle that you’ll want to drive and how far. This will allow you to determine what license requirements you’ll need to meet to be legally employed as a professional driver.

Pass the Necessary Examinations

Each different level of licensing requires its own tests to be passed in order for a person to obtain that level of certification. Most professional drivers will need to have a CDL license to legally drive for a company. There are various classes for the CDL license, including Class A, B, and C. It’s important to know what level of certification you’ll need to get employed at the job that you want.

Have an Insurance Policy and Lawyer

An insurance policy is a legal requirement for all drivers. But what some don’t realize is that regular insurance does not cover rideshare clients. This means that a rideshare driver will need to invest in a commercial insurance policy to be covered in the event of an accident when they’re on duty. However, they’ll still need to have their regular policy for protection when they’re off the clock. In addition, it is smart for any professional driver to have a lawyer on retainer, especially a commercial vehicle wreck attorney, for any accidents that might happen on the job. Lawyers like this will specialize in what the laws are surrounding your insurance, liability, and any workers compensation you may be entitled to.

Know Drinking Restrictions

One specific thing that most CDL drivers are astonished to discover is that the legal drinking limit is set lower for CDL drivers. Those with a standard license will exceed the legal drinking limit when they hit .08 on the breathalyzer. Those holding a CDL license will be over the legal limit when they hit .02 on the breathalyzer. It’s important to realize this particular restriction as a loss of license can mean a loss of a career in the professional driving industry.

Deciding to become a professional driver is not a decision that you should make lightly. Rather, you should be knowledgeable about the four topics above. By understanding these topics, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision of whether a career in professional driving is for you or not.