4 Positions Perfect For Recent Graduates Who Like to Travel

4 Positions Perfect For Recent Graduates Who Like to Travel

Travel can be fun, but for some it’s more of a way of life. For those recent college graduates who were always on the go during their college years, entering the workforce can seem like the end of their traveling days. The good news, though, is that there really are some great jobs for college graduates who love to travel.

Sales Representatives

When many people think of travel positions, they think of sales. Though a great deal of marketing and sales is now done online, there are still many industries that rely on in-person representatives to sell their products. The medical industry, for example, places a premium on educated graduates who are good at selling and forming professional relationships. Travel in these positions can vary from the occasional to the constant, but it’s always going to be a part of the job.

CDL Truck Drivers

Trucking companies are always training and hiring, with those who really love being on the road always in high demand. Truckers find themselves traveling most of the month, with routes that might take them all over the continental United States. A perfect position for those who are in love with the idea of being on the open road, being a trucker is a fantastic way to see more of the country while still earning an excellent paycheck. CDL truck driver positions are frequently open in this field, so new graduates are definitely encouraged to seek out postings as soon as they are ready.

Airline Crew

Airline crews are always traveling. While there are certainly crews for regional airlines that find themselves traveling a handful of routes, those who work for larger airlines might get the chance to travel to a number of new places every month. Though airline positions can be tough to get, those with college educations and a flair for customer service are always in demand. If you want to see the world by air, working for an airline might be the best choice for you.

Travel Healthcare

If you have a degree in a health or health-related profession, you might want to consider a travel position. Travel therapists and travel nurses are in high demand, with short-term contracts that pay well compared to more traditional contracts and plenty of opportunities for travel. If you like the idea of moving from one place to another every few months while working with patients, this might be the best choice for you.

There are definitely jobs for college graduates who love to travel. Whether you want to drive a truck or be part of an airline crew, there are plenty of ways to make money while seeing the world. If your goal is to avoid being tied to one place, these might be the perfect jobs for you.