4 Little Lessons Kids Need Before Starting Preschool

4 Little Lessons Kids Need Before Starting Preschool

Parents must teach their tots a few little things prior to sending them off to a preschool. These few things include toilet training, dining skills, bus etiquette and making friends. Once a child is well versed in these 4 tricks, his or her life at a preschool becomes a cake walk.

Every parent must ensure that before their child starts preschool education in Delhi, the little one has to be decently trained in 4 basic skills. These skills include toilet training, dining etiquettes, bus basics and friendship skills. Out of all these, bathroom training is the most crucial one as going to the bathroom occupies the top spot in every child’s anxiety list. So every day care school goer must be trained in potty and toilet skills.

Little one as young as 9 months olds are sent off to day care schools in Delhi. This is because most of the parents these days are working couples and they cannot give time to their little ones all day. But a 1 year old can be given toilet training little by little at home so that by the time they are 18 to 24 months old, they can ably communicate about their nature’s calls! By the time these tots turn 5, they become self sufficient and do not require adult supervision while using the toilets.

4 Little Lessons Kids Need Before Starting Preschool

At schools, there are scheduled bathroom breaks but parents must reassure their tots that they can go to the toilet whenever the need arises. Still there is always a bleak chance for a toilet accident like daytime wetting to occur; this is because sometimes children get so engrossed in an activity that they forget about the bladder’s signals. Fear not, as most day care schools and play schools have trained staff to handle such situations efficiently.

Children sometimes have a little difficulty in communicating with their peers as they get overwhelmed on seeing so many new faces at once in a day care. In order to boost the confidence, parents should help their kids by taking them out to playgrounds, parks, restaurants where they can place their own orders, amusement parks where they can choose their candy bar and other such interactive places; it is here that they get to meet other new kids. Small skills like sharing meals, taking turns on the swing at a park, passing dishes etc must be encouraged during these interactions. Sometime, making friends with other couples who have kids in the similar age group can help the tot to get accustomed to new faces too! Moreover, before sending off a kid to a day care, parents must talk to their little one about how other kids feel nervous too and how they were nervous on their own first day at school! These stories can help in boosting the child’s confidence levels. Sometimes role playing with the kid as an unknown person or kid is a way to teach communication.

Buses can scare a child because they are huge and yellow! To break this fear, a tot can be taken for a walk to a bus stop. Parents can show them how other little kids board a bus in turns by waiting up in a queue. At school, parents can ask teachers about the process they use to make a child recognize their designated bus. In case the procedure is communicated, parents can train their kid in advance.

A preschooler is still in the process of developing fine motor skills. These skills are an essential point in helping them develop dining skills. Parents can start teaching their small ones some basic dining skills. Some practice school time lunches can be conducted at home where a child can be served food in their Tiffin-box. They can be taught how to open it, eat out of it with a spoon and close it back after eating.

These few tips and tricks can make the life of a tot in a preschool way easier. Hence parents must ensure that their tot is ready to set foot in a brand new learning environment called school!

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