4 Great Careers That Military Experience Has Prepared You For

4 Great Careers That Military Experience Has Prepared You For

Time spent in the military prepares servicepeople for some incredible careers afterwards. Ex-military individuals possess many marketable skills such as teamwork, the ability to follow instructions and desirable hard skills as well. Here are four great careers former military personnel are well prepared for.


Many ex-military go on to become police officers. Ex-military know how to properly handle weapons, are physically fit and typically knowledgeable of self-defense and first aid. Police officers protect and serve the public, responding to crimes and arresting suspects. Many police jobs only require a high school diploma and passing a training program, making this a good career for ex-military who opted not to attend college or have not yet done so.


For members of the Air Force and any serviceperson who operated aircraft, piloting is a viable career choice once you’ve left the military. You may have to take flying lessons to transition from military flying to civil aviation, but most of the required skills are the same. Pilots can fly commercial passenger planes or cargo planes as well as be helicopter pilots or work in other areas of aviation such as engineering. This is an especially attractive career to those who love flying and are fascinated by aviation.

Private Security

Like police officers, private security guards ensure the safety of public places, events and individual people. They are often charged with protecting property during off-hours from break-ins and theft. They do patrols, handle radio equipment and monitor closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras. Employers can be anyone from celebrities and event venue owners to museums and condominium complexes. Depending on the wishes of the employer or the requirements of the security company, private security can be armed with firearms or not.

Stunt Double Or Practical Special Effects

If you want a job in the entertainment industry, working as a stunt double or in practical special effects can be a very good fit for ex-military. Stunt doubles replace actors during dangerous film sequences, like fight or action scenes. They are matched up with actors based on body type, height and other similar physical characteristics. Another similar option is to work in practical special effects, such as rigging pyrotechnics, driving, the destruction of objects and more.

Although ex-military can enter any career they wish with the right education, some are better suited to those with a military background than others. The options outlined above are all good choices. If you loved what you did in the military, consider finding ways to keep doing it throughout your career.