4 Career Options That Give You More Autonomy

4 Career Options That Give You More Autonomy

For the free-spirited, the wrong kind of work can feel like a lead weight around the neck. For them, job satisfaction is tied to feelings of autonomy and independence, qualities that are often lacking in many jobs. However, there are a number of jobs that provide the autonomy that the free-spirited crave. If you count yourself among them, consider one of these four careers.

Freelance and Gig Work

Freelance, contract and gig work represents a viable path toward career autonomy. What’s nice about these jobs is that they allow you to tap into a skill you already have and to make money off of it. They particularly appeal to creative types and digital nomads: Think freelance writers, graphic designers or computer coders working on their laptops in a coffee shop and you have the right idea.

Self-Employed Professional

General practitioner doctors and single-practice lawyers would fall into this category, though they are certainly not the only professionals who start their own businesses. Accountants, plumbers, massage therapists and more all thrive in this type of environment. The autonomy in these jobs comes from being the owner of the business and being able to call the shots in your career.

Truck and Delivery Drivers

Those who love the freedom of the open road love driving trucks. Depending on the scope of the job, this type of work offers new scenery everyday and the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Each day is different, an element of the job that definitely appeals to those who want more autonomy in their work. If you think this type of work might appeal to you, search jobs sites using keyword phrases like “CDL truck driver positions” or “delivery driver positions.”

Real Estate Agent

Most successful real estate agents don’t spend a lot of time in their offices. Instead, they are out in the field, scoping out properties and showing clients homes and commercial real estate sites. This type of position offers the best of both worlds. That is to say that real estate agents spend some time in an office, which provides them with a place to do paperwork and to mentally feel connected to a work team. However, it also allows them to be out of the office a lot, which fosters feelings of autonomy and independence.

People who are naturally independent love jobs that allow them to experience a certain level of autonomy. Jobs like freelance work or truck driving offer the most freedom of movement, but all of the jobs on this list would appeal to those who need more autonomy in their day-to-day work lives.