What Education Do I Need To Work In Software Development?

What Education Do I Need To Work In Software Development?

Software development has been a growing field since the early 90s. Today, the need for software is greater than ever. With everything from TVs to refrigerators using software, it’s a great field to get into, but where do you start? The educational requirements for a software developer, or computer software engineer, can take 4+ years to obtain. The good news is this is time well-spent because this is one field that isn’t going anywhere.

A note about Math and Science Requirements

Software development education is very heavy on the math and science side. According to Education Portal, “Most computer software engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree. These programs have significant math requirements that include a sequence in calculus plus courses in differential equations and linear algebra. A sequence in physics is also required. Students typically complete these requirements in the first two years of a program.” If you do a poor job in these areas, you can always opt for a job in software testing. This type of career focuses on trying out programs and searching for any errors that occur. Therefore, there is less emphasis on math and science and more on details.


A bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering is required when applying to most companies. For the best results, you should consider a degree from a school that is accredited by the ABET, Inc. It may even be required that you have a degree that was accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology not only to obtain certifications, but to find employment.


There are a number of certifications required for software developers. A+ certification in software is a must. This certification proves that you understand the ins and outs of software. Another certification that should be considered is certifications from the Computer Society of the Institute of Electronics Engineers, which offers certification for beginners and software development professionals. Certifications in a number of computer languages is also a must. Many companies will require C++, Java, and other popular code certifications.

Software development can be an exciting field to work in, but it’s best suited for those that are not only good at math and science, but enjoy it. This is a career you will have to work hard for, obtaining not only a bachelor’s degree, but multiple certifications. The good news is you can work in smaller fields of software development, such as software testing from SmartBear or for your own private company, while you work on your education. Some may even prefer the career of a software tester because there is less work and more fun involved in the job. Either way, this is a career field that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.