Top Entertainment Apps For Bollywood Lovers

Top Entertainment Apps For Bollywood Lovers

Bollywood to us is like bread and butter. Without movies and their cliched plots and catchy songs, life would be quite dull for most of us. We wouldn’t have entertaining lines to quote to impress the opposite sex and the name “Rahul” or “Raj” would mean nothing to us. However, thanks to Bollywood life surely does get spiced up. Thankfully, apps help keep the magic alive with some brilliantly designed apps for Bollywood junkies.

Be sure to have these apps for a full fledged Bollywood experience with your phone:

Top Entertainment Apps For Bollywood Lovers


Dubsmash is the ultimate Bollywood app one can have on ones phone. It allows you to literally quote your favourite movie stars and songs. The app gives you access to a host of voice clips from famous movies, catchy jingles and evergreen tunes for you to have fun as well as hone your acting skills. Record quirky and fun videos of you lip syncing famous movie dialogues and share it with friends to show the world how entertaining your inner bollywood junkie can be. It’s an app that will surely keep you entertained and hooked for hours.

Box Office

The world of entertainment has become all about numbers. One is always intrigued to know what the box office collection of a movie is and what new record it has set. 100 crore club movies are old news now as movies like PK have set a 300 crore record as well. If you’re a stat junkie who wants to show off how well his favourite actors movie fared, this is the app for you. The app brings you data of box office collections, overseas collections, and helps you know what the top trending 10 movies are in case you’re planning a trip to the movies. You can also use paytm recharge coupons to recharge your internet and stream your favourite movie on your mobile to be part of the hype.

Old Hindi Songs

Bollywood has always given us songs which strike a chord and remain in our hearts forever. If you’re a fan of the music of yesteryears rather than the heavy on the ear songs of today’s generation, then this is the app for you. This app is a subsidiary of and is designed especially for those who’d love to tap to the evergreen tunes of legends like Kishore Kumar, RD Burman and many more legends. The app also allows you to stream videos anywhere, on the go that will surely make you nostalgic. All you need is an internet connection which you can get recharged with mobikwik coupons and enjoy unlimited songs on the go. The app also offers a few pre-made song playlists for you that will surely fill your heart with magic.

FM Radio India

FM Radio India brings to your phone thousands of songs being streamed on the FM including your favourite stations such as Red FM, Fever 104, Radio City and many more. Find feet tapping music from a variety of genres be it evergreen oldies or the currently trending chartbusters. You can quickly mark the channels of your favourite stations as well as giving you an option to pause and play songs with easy controls. It also comes with bluetooth support to play your favourite stations on the go. This app will surely surprise you and cheer you up anytime when you’re in the mood for listening to your favourite songs.

Be sure to download these brilliant apps that will win over your Bollywood heart in no time and add the spice you’ve always wanted in day to day life.