Time To Pick Up A Guitar and Discover A New World

Time To Pick Up A Guitar and Discover A New World

When some people are asked why they play the guitar, they often reply that they wanted to play an instrument that afforded them a certain elevated social status but few actually address the question. The truth of the matter is that learning an instrument, any instrument, will dramatically improve the quality of your life by enhancing your imagination, building hand-to-eye coordination, teaching you an entirely new language, and helping you to see the world with more than one perspective. The guitar is simply the gateway into an entirely different and very new world in which you may express powerful emotion simply by playing a combination of chords and well-placed riffs.

Social Benefits

Although there is certainly a time and a place for you to take out your guitar and begin playing, there are many social situations that are greatly improved when you bring out your instrument and show off your talents. Few instruments are as mobile and easily set up as the guitar and you really only need a place to sit and enough room for the instrument to rest comfortably in your lap to get started. The more you practice and learn from your instructor, the more likely you are to inspire another person to pick up an instrument of his or her own and begin learning how to play beautiful music.

Mental Benefits

A study conducted at the University of Zurich concluded that your brain, specifically the areas known to be responsible for memory, is stimulated during the act of playing the guitar. This is true for both muscle memory and cognitive memory and even children diagnosed with ADHD receive some benefit from picking up an instrument because it will allow them to focus their energy into an action that is at once creative and positive. In addition, the discipline gained over time through careful practice will help you improve your ability to concentrate, which may directly translate into better grades in school.

Renting vs. Buying

For your very first guitar, renting is always the better option because it is highly cost-effective and you can rent Taylor guitar in Singapore to receive the best quality in return for the price. These guitars are of exceptionally high quality and are perfect for a person just beginning to learn the basics and gather new knowledge in this field of study. Whether you choose to play the guitar as part of a school musical course or plan to receive private lessons, renting will ensure that you have access to the highest-quality options without the often large price tag attached to the instrument.

Hand-Eye Coordination

As you continue to receive instruction for this instrument, you will develop the ability to multitask and perform many complex hand manoeuvres without even thinking about it all. You will learn to read guitar TABS and scores, achieve the proper fingering for all notes, read ahead in the music to anticipate tempo changes and rests, and keep time all at once. This will also translate beyond playing the guitar over time because you will begin to find it second nature to focus on more than a single action at once.