Preparation Tips for CAT Aspirants from Experts

Preparation Tips for CAT Aspirants from Experts

CAT stands for Common Admission Test. It is a test conducted for admission of students to the different management courses across India. stands as the one-stop solution for CAT Aspirants. In addition to providing comprehensive details about the test, the website also guides them in the best preparation.

With the expert Career Counsellor Mr Mukesh Maheshwari guiding the staff and experts at, the website offers the most dependable educational and career information for aspirants. Here are some useful tips given by experts at for aspirants to successfully get through this test:

Know your exam:

The initial step in the preparation process as suggested by the career expert Mr Mukesh is that candidates should get comprehensive knowledge about the exam. Here, knowing the exam means that candidates should know everything about when will be the notification released, how to apply, when to apply, etc.  Every year more than 2 Lakh students register for this test. Here is a chart to show the number of students registered for CAT from the year 2013-2017:

From this graph, it is clear that there is an increase in the number of applicants for the test in the past two years. So, knowing the number of applicants will also help candidates to feel motivated to put their full efforts to get through the test.

Self-evaluation will help:

After preparing for each paper in CAT and even after preparing for each chapter, a candidate should evaluate his/her knowledge on the chapter. He/she should check whether it is possible to answer all questions in the chapter. Here, previous years questions papers will help with self-evaluation.

Right study material:

A candidate can stay confident about the preparation and performance in the CAT test greatly on the basis of the study material he/she chooses. Expert authors like Nishit Sinha, Sarvesh Verma and Arun Sharma have written great books mainly to help candidates opting for self-preparation for CAT examination. Going through these books and preparing for the CAT with the help of these books will surely help in belling the CAT.

Early bird reaches the nest:

Mr Mukesh suggests that candidates aspiring to score well in CAT to get admission to one of the top management colleges should start the preparation early. When the preparation is started early, it will be easier to slowly and steadily go through each and every chapter. Also, starting early will help candidates to get more time for revision before the test as well.

Motivation and Confidence:

These are the biggest things that can help any candidate. When some people can gain self-motivation, some need an external motivation. For them, it is better to talk to expert career counsellors like Mr Mukesh, who will guide students by explaining the career options available on successful completion of MBA.

With the right preparation and the right guidance, belling the CAT is something easier. Dedicated preparation is, of course, important.