MBA Programs In Italy – Why Is It A Great Choice?

MBA Programs In Italy – Why Is It A Great Choice?

The land of spaghetti, Renaissance and Julius Caesar, Italy has long been associated with a well-structured education system, a pioneering political and religious dominance, a cultural and culinary uniqueness and a taste for life.

Home to some of the world’s oldest universities and excelling in the arts, academics, food and wine industry, and fashion, Italy is the one stop destination for all MBA aspirants all over the globe.

So what makes business education in Italy so desirable?

Italy stands tall with a reputation for having the oldest university, the University of Bologna founded in 1088, which was a pioneer institution of higher education in the entire world.

It was the first institution which was conferred with the title of a ‘University’, in fact, this is where the origin of the term University came from.

With an enviable reputation for possessing as much as 89 universities in its belly, and a high amount of polytechnic schools and other colleges Italy has forever been a haven of higher education for students worldwide. Some of the reputed universities in Italy include:

– Politecnico Di Milano

– University of Milan

– Sapienza University of Rome

– University of Macerata

– Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The inclusivity in Italy for foreign students reflects in the high number of English language courses at an undergraduate level.

Even at higher education levels, the number of courses available in the English language is on the rise. It was declared three years ago by Politecnico di Milano that starting in 2014 all of its courses will be taught in English.

MBA in Italy

Italy boasts of being home to more than 32,000 foreign students, which includes students on exchange programmes and students studying in independent courses respectively.

The University of Bologna, situated in a 16th-century villa surrounding a hilly backdrop, a few miles away from Bologna, is a premier institution for learning, specialising in business courses, home to a plethora of students from varied geographical borders.

Students hailing from other E.U. nations are treated like Italian citizens here, and you need not apply for a visa when you want to study here.

MBA in Italy – The Other Advantages

Here are some other advantages.

  • An affordable fee structure
  • World class teaching facilities
  • Exposure to a multicultural, multilingual study environment
  • Educational and lucrative avenues for out of the box learning.

Italy is a highly-developed country having the 7th-highest GDP in the world today. The country also comes 17th on the Human Development Index rating in the world, making it a sought after destination for business administration aspirants.

MBA Programs in Italy – The Options for You

You have a good many options to choose from as well when it comes to MBA programs in Italy. Here is a look at some of the options you’ve.

–  One Year MBA programme in Corporate Finance

–  Full-time MBA Programme in various disciplines like Retail Management, Asian Markets, Marketing, HR, Sustainable Business and more.

With an affordable tuition fee structure and a means based facility that decides your tuition fees by your parents’ income, it becomes, even more, easier for students to apply for an MBA programme in Italy.

If you’re low on money, don’t worry; numerous scholarships and student loans/grants are available to EU students through a system of merit-based or means-based criteria.