Jobs to Look Into After Finishing Pharmacy School

Jobs to Look Into After Finishing Pharmacy School

Once you get your pharmacy degree, the question you might have is, what’s next? A few options follow after that: getting further education, seeking employment, becoming a working student, and being unemployed. Jobs options for a pharmacy graduate. With a pharmacy degree, you have the opportunity to work as the following: 

Community Pharmacist

As a community pharmacist, you will be dispensing medication to the locals by following ethical guidelines to ensure the medical products’ safety being distributed to the public. You will improve the health status of the community members by advising them and providing them with information related to health matters. You will provide them with medication and other medical appliances and indicate they require a prescription. The service hours are not consistent and hence may work for work and study individuals.

Medical Sales Representative

As a medical sales representative, you will sell and promote a company’s medical products such as medicine, medical equipment, and prescription drugs to healthcare systems such as hospitals, pharmacists, nurses, and other customers. Most sales reps are located in a specific area to sell a particular product or medical appliance. To meet the target sales, you will provide advice and answer questions regarding the products. In other instances, you may have to do a presentation to healthcare professionals.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

As a CRA, your responsibility will be to run trials on the effectiveness, risk, and benefits of test drugs to ascertain; they are safe for use by the public. You may be hired by a clinical research organization, pharmaceutical company, or a contract research organization (CRO). You will be in control of the whole trial process, including identifying a site for investigation, setting up the site, monitoring, and concluding the trail.

Medical Research Scientist

As a medical research scientist, your task will be to plan and conduct experiments to increase medical-scientific knowledge. Other duties include developing new and improving existing drugs, medical predictions, and treatments. The research takes the form of investigating certain diseases and prevention methods, carrying out a clinical examination, diagnosis, and treatment of human disorders.

Whether your work as a sales reps, Medical research scientist, or in any other related job, you will be utilizing what you learned in school. A job like a community pharmacist may be convenient for one planning to work and study.