How to Deal With Wrongful Termination

How to Deal With Wrongful Termination

Being let go from your job can be disorienting and humiliating enough, but when you know that it wasn’t your fault and that you were wrongfully terminated, you might feel like your head is spinning. Life might not be fair, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you deserve to be treated that way. These four methods will help you deal with wrongful termination.

Confirm You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated

If you didn’t see your dismissal coming and there aren’t other factors, such as layoffs, it’s very likely that you’ve been given a wrongful termination. Your employer might list a reason for your termination such as a specific action, but this might be in violation of your state’s employment laws as well as the contract you signed upon hiring. Listen to their reasoning but also make sure that you are fully aware of your rights.

Avoid Retribution

You’re likely to be feeling all varieties of upset when you’re dealing with wrongful termination. It’s understandable to want to retaliate, but how you do it can have a major impact on your employment future as well as your ability to get compensation. Don’t say anything slanderous about your former employer or do anything else that could lead to legal penalties.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Even if you know you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you might start thinking about how things could’ve gone better if you didn’t do something or if you weren’t a certain way. Self-blame can become addictive, and it can put you in a dangerous spiral. Accept your fault without turning it into a permanent “woe-is-me” mentality. You can feel negative about something that’s happened without letting it destroy your confidence.

Get a Lawyer

Once you’ve had time to process what’s happened and are ready to fight, you need to get legal representation. Look for an employment lawyer who can speak on your behalf and help you win your case. Both you and your former employer should want to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial, so make your terms clear. You should also be prepared to be patient, as these cases can stretch out for a long time, even if you’re able to stay out of the courtrooms and reach a settlement.

Wrongful termination can be difficult to confront because it can cause you to dwell on some seriously negative thoughts. However, ignoring it can lead to those who mistreated you thinking that they’ve gotten away with their misconduct. Send a message for workers everywhere by showing that no one should be let go for an unjust reason.