5 Tips for Hosting a Successful End of Term Event

5 Tips for Hosting a Successful End of Term Event

From organizing weddings to corporate team buildings, event management is one tricky business. And as anyone who has ever attended a function can tell you – so many things can go wrong. Even when you are dealing with serious and responsible adults, and so much more when your event is meant for children.

End of term events are very important milestones to commemorate, for parents and kids alike. The heavy lifting of actual planning and delivering, falls on teachers. Since the importance is high, so is the pressure. In order to make sure that your end of term event is a memorable affair, make sure to read these tips first. Good luck!

Delegate Responsibility to One Person Who Isn’t a Teacher!

When a ton of kids is screaming all around you, parents are late and nervous, and even the sky seems to be frowning upon you, you aren’t going to have a clue where you left the paper cups. Or who has the agenda, when the balloons are due, and what music should be playing next. And although you probably won’t know, someone should. And that someone should not be a teacher.

If you want to have everything run smoothly, or as smoothly as possible, one person needs to be in charge. The only duty of that individual needs to be the event itself, not children, parents or any other guests. Teachers should take care of that portion of the responsibilities, leaving the person in charge available for all the emergencies, because there will surely be plenty. But, in order to avoid them, taking a look at this event planning checklist will surely help!

Put the Kids in the Spotlight, Make Them Feel Appreciated

Kids in the Spotlight

Every event focuses on logistics, and that is, undoubtedly very important. But, the essence of the function itself needs to be in the spotlight the entire time. Bride and groom, keynote speaker, CEO… In your case – it’s the children!

From preschoolers to seniors, regardless of their gender, interests, and plans for the future… This is their day and they should be celebrated. Highlight their achievements, focus on the most important moments of the last year, and make sure everyone gets five minutes of fame.

Create a space for the audience to chime in as well, by sharing their own most memorable moments of last year. Creating a space for parents to express their love and gratitude, and spreading some positivity around will make your event a day to remember.

Turn Parents into Promoters, Not Detractors

Although it seems that sometimes kids are the most demanding part of the end of term events, in most cases it’s actually the parents. This is especially true when kids are too young to deal with it themselves, so the responsibility falls on the teachers. Parents can make your event a complete horror show, or they can make it a delight. It all depends on you.

The best way to make sure that parents are on your side is to include them in the early stages. Their ideas, comments, and feedback should be valued and appreciated. If they have a sense of ownership, they are far less likely to make a scene. In addition, they can help you with all the preparations, organization, and the clean-up afterward. Make sure to share the praise as well, when everything goes according to the plan.

Hand Pick a Photographer – Memories Last Forever

The age is so digital that no moment goes unnoticed. And almost everyone will have their own phones and cameras. As a result, people on the stage will see electronics instead of a smiling audience. In addition, the quality of the photos won’t be as expected.

In order to avoid this, hire a photographer and ask the parents to refrain from holding their phones up through the entire event. Make sure that, in the end, everyone gets the great pictures the paid photographer took, and everyone will be more than happy.

Hiring an Event Planner Can Take You from Good to Great

With a lot of effort and planning, your end of term event can be very good. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case which is why we highly recommend hiring a professional. Event planners are not only creative and well-informed, but they are also highly capable of handling all the drama and issue that always arise. Not only will your function be great and memorable, but you will also avoid a lot of stress. And that comes without a price tag.

If you communicate you goals and ideas for the event with a professional, they will make sure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Meanwhile, you won’t have to lift a finger