Engineering Careers to Consider If You Want to Be Involved In Construction

Engineering Careers to Consider If You Want to Be Involved In Construction

Before we begin, we can define a career as an individual journey or path followed through learning, work, and life experiences. Different people will prefer other professions depending on their education levels, skills, personality, job availability, values, money, interest, and strengths. Therefore, when you want to be involved in the construction industry, part or all of the aspects mentioned earlier have to apply.

The following is a list of engineering careers to consider for you to be involved in construction.

Architecture Engineering

Architectural engineering sometimes referred to as building engineering, is a discipline that deals with aspects of technology and approach that are multi-disciplinary in designing, planning, operational, and construction of buildings. The architecture profession, especially in the 20th century, has emerged due to the advancement of technology of the industrial revolution.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer is a person who can design and also maintain bridges, roads, dams, airports and other building structures. Civil engineering is one of the pillars behind the success and beautification of a nation. The reason is that civil engineering has stretched in public services, such as transportation to sanitary engineering.

Structural Engineering

In most cases, structural engineering is considered to be in the framework of civil engineering. Structural engineers mainly focus on framing structures and designing those structures to resist environmental pressures and stresses so as to remain stable and safe for use. Professionals do this after specifying the types of constructional material to be used. They also determine the different geometries and shapes in their design to know the number of loads, pressure and stresses that are relative to their environment.

Building and Control Surveyor

Building and control surveyor ensures that the regulations of building projects or new sites are adhered to as required by the law. It is the building control surveyor’s work to tell if a building or structure is unstable and if it has to be repaired or to be demolished. A building surveyor must inspect the building methods, examine regulation for fire safety, sustainability, public health, conservation of energy, and accessibility to the building. Building and control engineers also need to liaise with other engineers, such as a geotechnical engineer, to ensure an erection of a structure will be safe for use.

In conclusion, always ask yourself why you want to dive into a particular career. It is advisable to choose a career that you feel is right for you because if you let other people’s expectations or opinions sway your decision, you’ll not be satisfied in the end.