Criminal Activity In Prison Will Be Limited After The Use Of Technology

Criminal Activity In Prison Will Be Limited After The Use Of Technology

It is no longer a surprise that activities of criminals, including murderers and dons as well as mafia are at full swing even behind the bars. Not only are these people operating openly outside the premises of jail, but nothing changes even when they are captured and put behind the bars. The crime rate of the cities does not even fluctuate even when these people are arrested by the police.

Criminal Activity In PrisonMatter of concern

To keep a close check on the different types of criminal activities of mafia and dons has been a matter of serious concern for the police since a long time. But the question always remained how to keep a vigil on what all is going on each and every prisoner. Keeping a tab on each arrested prison also is cumbersome and neither possible. But technology has resolved this matter which has been a problem for years.

Final call

Deoraj Nagar, who is the director general of police, finalized the guideline of utilizing tech gadgets to keep a tab on the criminal activities. This guideline was circulated in all the districts. The guideline was finalized on the 20th of July. Taking this decision was also supported by the fact that, many police officials have studied the criminal activities in the past six months and have felt the need for a tech enforcement measurement of security.

Many of the mafia and some gangsters are presently arrested in the jails of Uttar Pradesh. Even after their arrest, they are continuing their criminal acts without any break. The testimonial to these facts is clearly stated by the murders and other criminal acts that the state has been witnessing in the recent past.

How can technology be of help?

Various types of electronic and technology gadgets are being used for the earlier stated purpose. The CCTV cameras would be installed in the police vehicles which are usually used for transporting prisoners from one jail to another or court etc.

Next video cameras will also be utilized by the team of police officials that will be escorting criminals, which will be capturing the move of the criminals and all of their acts when they are out of jail.

The in charge of this escort team will be using a GPS enabled smartphone. The in charge will be continuously forwarding the pictures of every act to the senior officials who are in charge of them.

Added security measures with other tech devices

If the police feel there is a possibility of an attack on any of the criminal, they will be requesting the court to proceed with the hearing through the process of video conferencing, so that the criminal is saved.

For additional security reasons, they have completely banned the use of any kind of siren on vehicles which are transporting the prisoners. The ban on the use of hooters or even sirens has been done to avoid any kind of attention to the vehicles which are transporting the criminals or any mafia dons.