How Can A Working Professional Prepare For IAS Exam?

How Can A Working Professional Prepare For IAS Exam?

Civil Services is one of the most prestigious careers people aspire for in their lives. But it is also a fact that this is one of the toughest examinations of the country. There are three stages in the examination procedure, Prelims, Mains and Interview. Prelims exam has two papers and those who qualify prelims appear in the Mains exam. UPSC Mains Syllabus is known for being huge and there are total nine papers which are of descriptive type. Those who qualify for the Mains will appear in the interview.

What Are The Best Books For UPSC Mains Exams

The group of IAS aspirants includes many people like students, homemakers, even working professionals also prepare for IAS exam. The minimum IAS Eligibility criteria is to hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and should fall under the age limit prescribed by the criteria. In the case of working professionals, it becomes difficult to manage time for work as well as preparation. But those who are determined are always ready to take any challenge and make their dream come true.

Here we are giving some tips which can be helpful for working professionals who want to become an IAS.

How to prepare for IAS while working?

  1. Make a proper routine: A working person has to spend at least 9-10 hours on a daily basis for his work. Thus he/she has very less time to cover so many subjects. Hence, the best solution to this problem is that one should make a proper daily routine and stick to it.
  1. Choose Important topics: A working professional doesn’t have much time. So instead of starting from any topic randomly, it is better if you gather information about the most important topics to be studied and keep them at priority in your plan.
  1. Choose a few Books: It is a well-known fact that the difficulty for any IAS aspirant is tackling the vast syllabus of the exam. Thus, it becomes important to study smartly. So one should choose good books which contain ample useful information related to questions asked in the exam and study them properly. Also, instead of reading many books, one should focus on few important books and revise them well.
  1. Choose Optionals wisely: Optional papers play a major role in the selection of a candidate. It becomes really important to select the optional subject wisely which can be a subject with which you completed your graduation or with which your current work is related.
  1. Believe in Yourself: You must be knowing that IAS Exam is not a piece of cake. So there will be a lot of problems and you will have to solve them boldly. Keep faith in your abilities. If you doubt yourself, you will never be able to achieve success.

If you are working professional follow these tips and boost your preparation of Civil Services Exam.

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