Business School Research Is Important Part Of Your MBA Application Process

Business School Research Is Important Part Of Your MBA Application Process

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is two years duration post-graduate degree program which prepares students for management roles in business. One of the most popular professional degree program not only in India but the world as whole, an MBA program exposes you to different areas of business like marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, operations, IT, etc.  MBA graduates from top level business school are in top demand and a degree in management from a top level institute can open up new vistas of opportunities for you.  You can find financially rewarding and responsible position in myriad number of sectors ranging from finance banking, insurance, IT, construction to services industries among other.

Business School Research Is Important Part Of Your MBA Application Process

However, you must remember that an MBA is a serious investment of time and money.  A two year program from a quality business school anywhere in India could set you back by close to one million bucks. It is therefore of utmost importance that you invest some time and other resources looking for a management institute which can do justice to your talent, aptitude and skill sets.  There is no dearth of fly by night operators in education sector who are just in the business to make some quick money. An MBA degree is highly popular in India with people generally equating with rewarding prospects of high paying job and good carer progression.

This presumption about an MBA degree often makes it easier for unscrupulous to exploit people. They charge a hefty fee promising good education and excellent placement opportunities. This ultimately proves to be castles in the air as they neither have the infrastructure, faculty or facilities to offer quality education. The end result is that the graduates they produce lack confidence and competency to efficiently handle real world business challenges.

This cycle repeats itself a few times and then the word goes out in the market about the quality of graduates being churned out by a particular management institute.  Recruiters start avoiding going to such institutes for campus placements and  few more years down the line do not offer job opportunities to such students even if there is an urgent vacancy in their firm.

This is the reason your mentor, teachers or experts never fail to overemphasise the importance of conducting proper business school research before you start applying.  We often hear people say that business school research should be the most important activity in your MBA application process.  This is not hard to understand as the consequences of your decision are going to stay with you for the rest of your life. Admission in top level MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or for that matter anywhere in India is more or less a good insurer of a financially rewarding career with good progression opportunities. An MBA degree on the other hand from a second-string business school is for all intents and purposes is a worthless scroll commanding very little respect in the job market. Economic uncertainty, sluggish growth and high inflation have made good jobs hard to come by. You will not be adding to your cause by gaining a degree from an institute where admission procedure is lax and placement opportunities are sparse.

If you get your application process right, then all your subsequent efforts are likely to fall into place. Keeping this in mind we present few of the important points you need to keep in while choosing an MBA program.

Ranking of Business Schools

Ranking s are a good way about finding more about a business school with respect to its facilities, academic environment, placement opportunities, alumni networking, etc.  Despite being a good starting point, these rankings should be the only factor prompting to accept or reject a business school. Different publications take different factors into consideration and different weightage to a particular aspect of the management institute. It is prudent not to bet your future completely on rankings, though it can serve as a great tool to get an overview of the top MBA programs.

Also, please do not restrict your search for quality business schools who accept application based on your CTA score. There are many good quality MBA colleges in Delhi NCR without CAT i.e. they accept scores of other competitive exams like MAT, XAT, etc. Please include them in your list too to enhance your chance of acceptability into MBA program and help yourself to top class job opportunities.