Building Experience In Healthcare Before Finishing Medical School

Building Experience In Healthcare Before Finishing Medical School

There are many jobs students can do while they are still in medical school. Thankfully the healthcare field always needs more willing people to join their ranks, so there is never a shortage of open positions. The medical field is an environment of learning, so it naturally works well for students.

Medical Scribe

You can learn a lot more about medical terminology in this position than in other positions in the medical field. You will play an important supporting role to physicians in a variety of healthcare settings. Emergency rooms, orthopedists, and everywhere in between requires the services of a qualified and competent medical scribe. You will take notes on how patients are feeling, update their chart with this information, and update the doctor on their present condition.

Medical Billing

In this particular position, you will collect payments from patients, and then submit forms and claims to insurance companies. You will also be responsible for managing medical billing records for healthcare facilities, hospitals, or clinics. You will need an eye for detail in this job. Take your time and make sure you copy information correctly so that patients’ medical records stay succinct.

Home Care Aide

Being an in-home care aide is not easy, but it is very rewarding to all who are employed as such. Not that it is overly hard or difficult, but it definitely takes a keen individual to take on these responsibilities. You will assist patients with personal grooming on a daily basis, bathing, and eating as needed also. You will also help the patient take their medication at the correct time(s) of the day. There are other assorted duties associated you would have to do as well.

Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries are responsible for controlling some of the chaos that can happen in a hospital environment. They help manage and maintain administrative tasks each day so that the hospital can run smoothly. They are the backbone that supports everything else in such an environment. Secretaries handles a variety of tasks such as scheduling appointments for patients, training new staff members, operating technology in the office, ordering supplies, and arranging procedures.


Orderlies perform many important functions in a hospital environment. They respond to call signals that patients might need help with. They will then visit the patient and evaluate their needs and will assist them with their daily routine as needed. Some activities might include personal hygiene, exercises, eating, and cleaning their room and bed. There are other things an orderly might need to do as well, such as transporting patients from one are or floor to another, or helping them get ready for a procedure. This may involve the use of a stretcher or wheelchair.

No matter what area of healthcare a medical student might be employed with, they all help build that individual’s knowledge base and skillset. After working in the medical field once, you will be prepared to continue your career once you finish school later on.