5 Best Things About Being A Student

5 Best Things About Being A Student

Although studying at university can be tough at times with the endless essay writing and the relentless lectures not to mention the exam preparation, there are some advantages to being a student. Student discounts, lots of holidays and a great social life are just a few. In this guide we have put together a list of 5 things reasons why being a student is great!

  • NUS Card:

 If you don’t currently have an NUS card then it’s time to get one. The NUS card offers students a range of discounts on everything from coffee to clothes. Many high street stores accept the NUS card so if you’re always on the hunt for a bargain or you like to meet friends for coffee every now and again this is a must have for any student. You will need to purchase the card though, either £12 for an annual card or £33 for one that lasts three years which is often the length of your qualification. They are a great investment, particularly when you have to live on a tight budget. Every discount helps.

  • Free Amazon Prime: 

Another great benefit is that you can get Amazon Prime for free for six months. Although this is just a trial though it can certainly help when you’re having to stock up on textbooks and stationery, all of which can be delivered the next day for free. It also allows you to stream movies and video when you have access to Wi-Fi which is great for if you want some motivational music to help you through your studies or a movie at the end of a long day.

  • Spotify Premium: 

Here’s another discount that students can access if you love Spotify. Sign up to Spotify premium at just £4.99 when you use your student discount.

  • Student Banking: 

As a student there are many bank accounts that offer some great features including an emergency overdraft, cash back and lots of other perks, just because you’re a student! Any money that you have leftover you could invest in quality dissertation services.

  • Cheaper Travel: 

Train fairs and bus tickets cost a fortune but if you travel home at the end of each term you can use student discounts on rail cards to save up to a third on your ticket. Discounted coach tickets are also available for students too.

These are just a few of the many great benefits that you get with being a student. You also get to study at a first class facility and move one step closer to achieving your career goals.