4 Things You Need to Know Before a College Admissions Interview

4 Things You Need to Know Before a College Admissions Interview

Before you walk onto that campus for your admissions interview, you want to ensure that you’re prepared for anything. Part of being prepared is taking the time now to assess your future plans and your current abilities. To help you do that, we’ve included four topics that you should know about before undergoing that faithful interview.

Consider What You Can Contribute to the College

Think of your college interview as a job interview. Your potential employer wants to know what you can contribute to the company before they hire you. The college admissions staff will want to know what you can contribute to the college. Whether you’re interested in their drama club or their debates team, showcase the skills that you bring to the table to help make their college great.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When you sign up for college admission consulting, you’ll be hit with two big questions. The first one will be asking you to identify your academic strengths. This is where you can brag about your awesome grades in math and your advanced placement classes in high school. However, most students are unprepared for the follow-up questions of identifying your weaknesses. Part of being a healthy student is being able to identify your weaknesses and institute a plan for strengthening them.

What Your Future Career Plans Are

When it comes down to deciding between two applicants where one has a clearly defined career path and one just wants to go to college with the intent of deciding a career path later, the one with a defined path is going to get the position. While you may not have everything figured out to a tee, you still should have a solid plan. Know what you’re going to major in, what courses you want to take, and what you plan on doing after graduation.

Information About the College

When it comes to attending a college, every college has its own unique attributes. The current students and alumni take pride in those attributes. You should too. Take some time to research the college that you want to attend and learn more about it. Have a list of reasons why you want to attend that specific college over other options out there.

Undergoing a college interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. The best way to settle your nerves and have confidence going into the interview is to prepare yourself ahead of time. With these four topics above, you should be able to prepare effectively to ace that college interview.